German 1870s "Parquetspiel" Double Layer Parquetry Blocks in Original Box

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This I believe is one of, if not the earliest, German parquetry puzzles produced, 1872 or so based on one other set I've found sold at auction that was dated by hand on the underside of the box. I had one other set very similar to this one in the shop several months ago, which I knew to be quite rare, so have been keeping a close eye out for others--and then along came this one, with this terrific purple stain on half of the blocks that makes it feel extra special and festive.

Inside the box are two complete layers of blocks, as pictured. In addition is a printed design card, showing a variety of arrangements possible using some or all of the pieces.  Once all spread out on the table of course there are near endless possibilities, and I must say I could play with these all day.

Box measures 7 7/16" x 7 3/8" x 1". Blocks are in excellent condition. Box is in good antique condition, structurally sound and with original lithographed paper label firmly attached; lid slides on and off smoothly and holds tight. Card shows losses around the edges. Handwritten on the underside is 986/2, which I believe is an edition # of sorts.