Galerie Michelle Boulet Paris "Le Jeu" Vintage Exhibition Poster, 1997

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I haven't been able to determine exactly what all was featured in the "Le Jeu" exhibition at Galerie Michelle Boulet advertised by this poster, but I am certain it included the work of Jacquer Poirer (1928–2002) whose trompe l'oeil painting is reproduced on the poster, and who was represented by the gallery. The image featured is Poirer's “Le Discours de la Méthode,” translating to "discourse on the method," a nod I believe to Descarte's classic work of the same title. Poirer's work often included riddles and rebuses, and this piece announces exactly that, on the backside of one of the cards at top center. I wish I knew enough, and that my French was good enough, to understand the play being made...though I love the image and the mystery all the same!

It measures 24 1/2" tall x 21" wide x 1" deep, framed in a gold painted frame wired on the back for hanging. There is a bit of white paint spattered on the top edge of the frame--minor and not visible when hung on the wall. Otherwise both the frame and the poster are in great vintage condition.