Furry Gray Bear Wind Up Toy, Made in Occupied Japan

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A few months ago I found the metal skeleton of a wind-up bear toy just like this one--a very beautiful thing in its stripped down state, but with its mechanics no longer operating. Pretty great then to find this fur-covered and fully operational one in order to see the bear in action--and the way it moves couldn't be any better: very slowly and very deliberately, with frequent pauses to shake his head back and forth as if deeply contemplating whether to continue on his journey forward. If you don't love him just by looking at him, watching him walk will, I promise, endear him to you forever!

Very good condition (and I do believe he always moved this slowly) with one tear to the fur on the underside around one front leg and a bit of wear on the underside of his feet. 5 1/2" tall x 2 1/4" wide x 3" tall. His original Made in Occupied Japan sticker is still stuck to his underside, dating him to sometime between 1945-1952.