Funny Faces "Emotions" Surprise Drawing, c. 1980

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In removing another drawing from its frame (the graphite drawing of wolf, bear, raven, and dreamcatcher currently in the shop), I found this one, sandwiched behind it, which made for a fun surprise! I just love envisioning the pleasure of the @12 year old or so who I'd guess made it, drawing all of these faces and expressions, which wonderfully date it to the early years of Atari I think.  I personally can remember drawing dog faces just like the one at lower right and heart shaped eyes like the one at center, and just really love it as a pop culture artifact, complete with green alients and smiley stickers!

8 1/2" x 12" and in overall good condition, with some staining along the upper left edge (much darker on the back of the drawing than the front). Unsigned but titled "Emotions" at lower right!