Funky Bark Covered Wall Hanging Folk Art Match Holder with Striker

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If there were ever a perfect match holder for a rustic cabin in the woods, I think this is it, though I think it would also read like pure  sculpture if hung 60 inches center on a white gallery wall. It is made of wood and the bark appears to be real, though I couldn't 100% guarantee it, and was enhanced with some green and white paint plus yellowy-cream paint across the flat of the stumps. To the right of the pocket is a ribbed match striker. I'd hang it in the kitchen or near the fire place, though I think one could also probably put a liner in it and plant a little plant (or maybe a few mushrooms!) in it. 

5 1/2" t x 3 1/2" w x 2" d.  with a little hole near the top for hanging. Excellent condition.