Fun Old Marching Baton with Marbleized Handle

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When I was a kid, I spend many many hours creating--and performing for whoever would watch--dance routines of all sorts in the backyard, and when I spotted this immediately though I wish I'd had it then! Not only would it be good for twirling around and using as a staff to add dramatic flourish to routines, but it could also be used for conducting an imaginary flock of circus animals or fellow performers! I'm always on the lookout for object that might inspire creativity, and do hope this might find its way to a young backyard choreographer!

I've just realized I forgot to take dimensions and will update with exact measurements shortly, but it is about 28" long. The staff is made of wood, painted silver, and the top I think may be painted papier mache (it is hard but shows a few dings.) Some wear all over but with lots of years left in it!