SOLD "Free Penny's For Meter's" Poorly Punctuated Vintage Make Do Sign!

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I found this one in New Bedford, MA the other day, and assume it was once displayed in a shop or office or maybe a school, pointing to a stash of pennies to use for the parking meters just outside. I love it for the penny's instead of pennies, and the meter's made possessive--all the more so for the fact that those apostrophes were cut down by hand from other letters so had plenty of time to be considered. It seems to me it must have taken a fair bit of effort to drill those nails through the letters, too! The surface appears to be vinyl or some sort of thick contact paper, which can be wiped down, as can the letters, which show just a little grime.

8 1/2" x 7 9/16" x 3/4". Backing is some sort of composite /dense cardboard material, substantial but slightly pliable. Good condition, very 1970s.