Fred Lant's 1898 Hand-carved Folk Art Clock Dial

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I've always got an eye out for folk art clock dials like this, which I believe would have been used for teaching/learning how to read time on a clock. I love the simple earnestness of this one, and that it is shaped like the silhouette of a house, and especially those cut tin hands of the dial, the elongated form of which I think lends a certain elegance and grace to the whole thing.  The roman numerals of the dial appear to have been incised then darkened in graphite, and the surface was stained, and varnished (developing some bubbling/beading over time, which I like), with the ground showing a slightly redder tone than the clock face itself One the reverse, a note that it was made by Fred Lant c. 1898--I believe noted by a family member at a later date. I always love seeing these kind of notes, which indicate something was valued and passed down in the family. 

9 3/4" x 7 3/16" x 3/4" d and in good antique condition. Wear around the hanging hole, as evident. Hands of the dial move easily, with a flat head screw at center for tightening if needed.