Framed Pair of George Errington 1882 Graphite Sketches, with Third on Reverse

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(Forgive the glare in these images.) I didn't know anything about George E. Errington when I found this (these), nicely framed with a window to a third on the reverse side--I just think they're terrific sketches, and am especially partial to figure reclining in the hammock, with fine features that made me read it first as a portrait of a woman, though is probably more likely a young man--whatever the case looking a perfect mix of pensive and relaxed, intelligent and dreamy. And the man at left, performing some sort of labor I assume (Errington himself spent some of his time farming) also looks quite poetic, as if scratching messages in the dirt. And then on reverse, along with biography of Errington, a sketch of a woman sleeping  on what appears to be a settee, looking quite peaceful and cozy. One feels all three were people Errington knew well, and to my eye the sketches reflect a wonderful sense of warmth and familiarity.

Errington (1857-1941) is know for the honesty and intimacy portraits, of which these are emblematic. Born in Philadelphia, and raised on Staten Island, he attended the Knapp School for Boys, Swarthmore College and the Art Students League of New York, where he lived fro a period working as an advertising and illustration artist. He left NYC for Massachusetts, eventually settling in Plymouth, where he raised fruits and vegetables, had a poultry business, and continued drawing and painting, primarily for his own pleasure. 

Nicely framed, as found: 16" x 13". Individual sketches measure 8 3/4" x 5 13/16". Both are initialed and dated 1882. All in very good condition.