Curious Foot Shaped Old Metal Pin Cushion

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I've seen a lot of shoe- and boot-shaped old pin cushions, but I've never seen, and cannot find, another shaped like a bare foot! The bottom is stamped "Patent Approved," but perhaps the maker never followed through on producing more than a few! It's definitely a curious one, and I think a pretty fantastic object, though I'm honestly not sure what the metal is. Someone else must have tested a portion on the side, which shined up some, and I tested the bottom where the text is and it shined up pretty nicely. I am pretty sure it is not silver, though, and am not sure it is silver plate either; it almost seems like hematite. Regardless, a pretty cool thing!

4 7/8" long x 1 5/8" w x 2 3/4" t. Overall very good condition except for a hole on underside! The pin cushion comes out easily and I found a bunch of needles stored inside  (as well as some old newspaper inside, which I removed).