Fooling, c. 1930s Child's Watercolor Drawing

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This is one of a few watercolor drawings I held onto from a larger batch I found a year or so ago, so that I could live with it for a while. (Mounted on archival mat and placed in a simple contemporary frame in the interim.) For a while it seemed to me all of them were done by the same person, but now I think perhaps done by different students in the same class, who were given the same format and the same (wonderfully unusual) watercolor palette to work with. I can't say I'm entirely sure what exactly is unfolding in this one, captioned simply "Fooling," but it seems perhaps the boy in white with arms spread is announcing his presence--here I am!--perhaps after hiding (and maybe the boy at right is still searching the blades of grass for him!) I just love the gestures and postures and composition as a whole, and it also feels as if imbued with some sort of deep wisdom about the nature of life! 

Framed: 15 5/8" x 12 5/8". Paper: 11 3/4" x 9". Very good condition. Frame is an inexpensive, off the shelf one, but I think well suited for letting the watercolor speak for itself.