Folky Old Adirondack Painting of Flowers in Vase, Oil on Board

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If I had an old claw foot tub, I think I'd hang this painting near it, where I could look at it while having a soak--though it would be great in a farmhouse style kitchen too, or a or most any room of a sunny cottage, or really wherever a big explosion of untamed flowers would feel at home. It is not a fine painting, but it is a festive one, unsigned but I know painted by a E. M. Hunkins from the Adirondacks, who apparently painted lots of flowers in vases, I would guess this one in the 1950s or so. I really like how the pale blue vase itself seems to be made of flower petals, and how assorted stemless blooms just float and perch in addition to those connected to stems, filling every bit of space. The darkening of the ground toward the top of the painting is also a bit unexpected, adding a little moodiness and strangeness.

12" x 16". There is a one bit of brown paper/cardboard stuck to the surface near upper right (I have not tried to remove it, it might peel off with a little effort but I did not want to mess with it and it more or less disappears) and a little spotting to the surface on the left bottom corner of the vase.