Folky Homemade Bookshelf with Carved Squirrels

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I found this one at Brimfield in the booth of a delightful seller who always has charming things; it was filled end to end with a bunch of old children's books, but happily she was willing to relocate those into a big pile and let me steal the shelf away, as I'm  pretty smitten with these squirrels! Made with lots of love I'd bet by a parent or grandparent as a gift for a young child in the 1940s or 50s, with mellow gold paint on the exterior of the ends making a perfect backdrop for the cutout squirrels, which were also given gold painted eyes and noses and a few dashes here and there for fur. Great in a kids room or cozy den now, and could be hung on the wall with the addition of a couple of hooks/hangers.

12 1/4" l x 5 1/4" d x 5" t and in very good vintage condition, with a little wear around the edges of the squirrel cutouts, all to the good I think. Sturdy and sound.