Folky Antique Hand-carved Quadruple Tin Type Frame

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This is an absolutely wonderful old hand-carved wooden frame, 2nd half of the 19th century I believe, and clearly made, perhaps by the father, to proudly house the tintype photographs of this particular family of four.  I think every inch of it just teems with love and warmth, and at over a foot across, it has a strong sculptural presence on the wall. The portraits themselves are pretty terrific, especially the very serious looking young boy, but the wood panel on the backside is easily removed to fill the frame with other things.

The frame measures 14”w x 8”h. Each opening is 2 3/4”w x 4”h. The frames total opening is 12 1/2”w x 4 1/4”h. Very good condition, with a couple of small dings to the surface of the wood.  There is some glare/reflection captured in some of the photos.