Folky Antique Crewelwork Perched Peacock with Birds and Ivy

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After finding and quickly selling a wonderful early 19th century ink and watercolor folk art drawing of a peacock a week or so ago, it felt like a bit of a sign when I came across this embroidered one this week in Maine. As with that drawing, this one is rendered not in spectacular blues and purples but rather in a variety of shades of golds and browns, which make it feel quite majestic but in a subtler sort of way (and, like that drawing, it is much better in person!) I really like the folky naivete of it, with these two slightly different shaped posts on the wall meant to be I'm not quite sure what, and the sparrows fluttering around amid the ivy such that one is a bit unsure what are wings and what are leaves! Then the great combination of circular patterning on the long tail feathers set against the rectangular bricks of the wall, with visceral contrast between the directionality of diagonal and horizontal stitching. All perfectly set off by the wide embroidered border and old gold painted frame, I would guess original to it; the whole thing feels golden!

13 7/8" x 12" framed and in very good condition. There is a receipt from its purchase in 2016 still taped to the back. While trying to avoid too much glare from the glass, I've shot in a couple of different lightening conditions to try to give a good sense of detail and overall effect.