Folk Painting on Canvas of Man with Cows and Dog in Landscape

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This charming little painting is not dated but it is signed, twice, by L.P. Mott--once very small in the bottom left corner of the painting, and then again, in big stylized letters, on the back of the canvas, suggesting that he or she was quite proud of it,  and justifiably so I think!  With a smartly organized composition, he or she packed a lot into this bucolic scene, wonderfully animated by a little black-hatted man with three grazing and resting cows and tiny little dog scampering across the brick bridge at the center--the perfect final touch.

I'd guess late 19th century or so on this painting, which was painted on canvas and stretched across a handmade thick wood frame, with heavy tacks securing it on the sides and back. The painting itself is in great antique condition and the frame super solid; the back of the canvas and frame shows its obvious age. 6" tall x 8" wide x 7/8" deep.