Lovingly Crafted and Very Useful Five Drawer Cigar Box and Crate Wood Chest, 1931

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Found in Maine last week, I think this five drawer chest with its clean lines and great proportions is terrific looking and also super useful--taking up little space on a table or counter but providing a lot of space to stash things in. And pulling out the drawers reveals that each was carefully crafted of cigar box wood, labels still on it, with one dated by hand 1930--then January, 1931, as if it took a bit longer than expected--on the back. The exterior was made of older crate wood, with hand-painted text revealed when one removes all the drawers. In original paint/stain that is just the perfect finish.

14 7/8" t x 6 5/8" w x 9 3/4" d and in excellent condition. Super solid and sturdy, all drawers open and close with ease.