Fish Shaped Boy at Sea, Real Photo Postcard Masked Image

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It is hard to get a full sense of this beauty without holding it in your hands, where you really feel its object hood, but I do believe this real photo postcard really transcends itself to feel to like quite a little work of art. Part of what I think makes it great is the darkness of the photograph, such that the features of the figure are quite difficult to read, giving the whole thing a sense of mystery, and a bit of a haunting feel--I keep thinking of the proverbial undertow, poised to carry one away. The vertically oriented fish-shaped silhouette, created by using a mask in printing the photo, frames the young man perfectly, emphasizing the wake at his knees and distant ocean horizon at his waist, and for me at least furthering a sense the vast unknown; things unseen and below the surface. 

3 1/2" x 5 1/2". Very good condition, with a used postcard back, sent from a Harold Harlow to a Miss Etta Cooprider in Zion City Illinois.