Finely Handwoven Large Basket with Frog Pattern

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I am fairly certain this beautiful tall wicker basket, with lovely outwardly curling lip and terrific banded pattern of frogs around its lower half, is Northwest Coast Native. Handwoven, and very finely made, it features a sturdy structure of horizontal rings visible on the interior, and a pronounced vertical warp visible on the exterior, woven at varying densities with thinner reeds, some of which have been dyed red and black. It appears to have some years on it, but I am not entirely certain of its age.

The basket measures 9" tall, 10" across at lip and 7 1/2" across at base. It is in very good condition, with some nice irregularity to the form and weaving original to its making. There one small area of darkening on near the bottom of one side, as documented in photos.