Finely Hand Sewn Double Panel Vintage Kuna Mola with Winged Figures

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I picked this fabulous l pair of vintage Kuna Mola from among a large collection of them at the estate sale of an artist and galleries who dealt in them. I just fell in love with these winged figures, the one with big heart exposed at the center of his chest, the other I think a bat (a little cat-like too), with great pointy ears, spectacularly lashed eyes, and ferociously bared teeth! And those amazing wings!

From what I understand, Mola panels were historically made in groups of two, to be incorporated as front and back panels of a Kuna woman's blouse. Rooted in a tradition of body painting, about 150-170 years ago Kuna women of Panama began making Molas using the reverse appliqué technique. This pair I believe dates to the 1960s-70s, and are of a high quality--measured by the number of layers of layers of fabric and quality of stitching. The fact that this is a double panel, and the fabric and stretching around the edges, indicate that these were made for use, not simply for the tourist market. 

These would be terrific framed, but would also make a fantastic pillow. Each panel measures 17 1/2" x 15 1/4". They are in very good condition and very vivid in color, with one loose bit of ricrac on the figure with heart, and a bit of loss of embroidered on the lower left wing of the bat.