Finely Done 19th C. Boot Shaped Snuff Box with Hearts and Stars

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When feeling down about humanity, looking at the skill and labor and love invested in crafting little things like this snuff box never fail to hearten me! I really love the unusual carved lid on this one, with tiered diamond shaped relief (perhaps replacing an earlier lid, as it is of a different wood, but I'm not sure; it fits tight and right and makes the box feel extra special.) The brass pin decoration-tiny nails hammered in one by one-- forms a (dense and sprawling!) star and heart (with crown atop I believe) on one side, and heart and star on the other. More brass nails down the front and stitching around the sides of the toe, one line of larger nails marching down the back, and still around the perimeter of the top and nearly all over the sole. Lots of exuberance in this little thing, really a beauty I think, and another good one for a valentine, or a love token for oneself!

3 1/4" l x 1 1/4" w x 1 3/4" t and in very very good condition. Lid slides out smoothly and closes tight and snug. English I believe.