Fine Ecuadorian Woven Wool Tapestry by Jose Cotacachi

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Signed Jose C, this exquisitely crafted wool tapestry was created by Jose Cotacachi, a prominent master weaver based in Peguche, Ecuador, a few miles from Otavalo, a hub for weaving since pre-Inca times. I love how the design plays with optical perceptions: focusing on the light brown it reads as a series of repeating abstract geometrical patterns, but focus on the dark brown and a repeating animal motif reveals itself, which operates both horizontally and—turn your head or the image 90 degrees—vertically as well. Shiny little beads woven in give sparkle to the eyes of the creatures, to boot. Plus, the pom poms at the bottom!  I think it just stunning and would hang it somewhere strategic for facilitating meditation or just zoning out.

38” wide x 26” tall, not including woven hanging loops at top or fringe at bottom, and in simply perfect condition.