Very Lovely Early Tole Painted Box with Carrying Loop

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It's no great surprise that the more one looks at things and compares them, the more attuned one is to the differences among them and what makes one example feel more special than another. It's not until fairly recently that I really started appreciating antique toleware, and really paying attention to the decorative painting on pieces like this, which can be quite stunning in both bold and subtle ways. I find this a very beautiful example, New England I believe, with the grace and nuance of those soft gray and red leaves and petals reminding me of my favorite early theorem watercolors and also a bit of the weeping willows in early mourning pictures, etc.--just lovely, and with beautiful aging to the paint.

8 5/8" w x 5 3/8" t x 4 13/16" d. Not perfect--there is separation at the right front corner of the lid, which allows it to slide down slightly over the lip, but from the front not noticeable, and it would be an easy repair to make with one small weld. (Of course I would just leave as is, it really doesn't bother me a bit, it stable, and the front clasp closes tight, and one can carry the box around by the loop at top, too, which is quite sturdy.