Evocative American Standard FINAL / FILTER Sign

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This one is much better in person, with what looks like red here veering more toward an orange (the first image is the closest, though not quite there.) The yellowy cream of those big capital letters is just right against it for announcing FINAL, making me think of finish lines and final stops and the final, uniquivocal last word! The look of it makes it feel as if it should have hung on a rail at a car racing track (or maybe a demotion derby!) but I think more likely it was signage at a gas/service station, I believe advertising American Standard Final/Filter products (which included fuel, filters, etc.) I can’t find another of these or even a record of one out there anywhere. Perfect found language to me--I'd hang it with FINAL facing, but also really like the FILTER side with a gash through it, as if to signal "no filter," "unfiltered," etc. 

25 5/8" w x 15 1/4" t, with plenty of surface wear as evident, all to the good to my eye. No significant bends.