Tevye the Milkman Watercolor Drawing

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If I had to collect only one thing, it would be drawings. Like nothing else, a drawing has the capacity to cut to the chase and nail a truth with alacrity, concision and charm. Like this one! (Technically a watercolor, yes, but I think constitutionally a drawing.)  For one occasionally guilty of dramatizing the weight of one's own responsibilities, this tender portrayal of an almost comically burdened figure serves as a gentle reminder to laugh at oneself, and feel grateful.

Based on several other watercolors by the same artist, I believe this load-bearing character is based on Tevye, the milkman from Fiddler on the Roof, and perhaps that "Leslie," the maker, was the costume designer for a local production of the play. In any event, I think it is both wonderfully specific and transcendentally good, and would 

11x14", matted and framed. Signed. Great condition.