Thick Antique Chip Carved, Gold Painted Tramp Art Cross

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If ever there were a tramp art cross that seemed to express unwavering faith, I think it's this--so thickly stacked and solid it feels quite invincible. And indeed its the form that I really love about it, with all of those chip carved layers creating a really wonderful geometry, and when laid on its side it looks almost like a piece of architecture. Old, nicely mellowed gold paint, I believe original to it, with some traces of an aqua blue on top that seem a bit inexplicable--not jumping out, but evident, making this feel perhaps like this cross was meant to live on, or near, the sea!

8 3/4" t x 5" w x 2 3/4" d. There is a small loss to the piece capping the top (horizontal), not visible unless looking down at it from overhead and I don't think bothersome either way. A few surface dings/paint loss to top layer as evident and documented. Very solid and stable, with a hole in the back for hanging from a nail.