Fantastically Beautiful Primitive Footed Metal Sieve or Cooker

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Another stunner of a sculptural (and painterly) object I acquired from the collection of artist Richard Fleischner, and I think perhaps my favorite of all. I believe he found it in Kosovo, which I think lends it added resonance, appearing to having endured quite a lot itself. It seems possible it was used as a sieve for some sort of prospecting, but I believe now, based on a comment from one of you, that it was likely used for cooking--a primitive sort of chimney and cook top combination. I love and find great beauty in objects and tools of all sorts that were crafted with limited means and a sense of urgency toward solving problems and meeting immediate needs, and find this one particularly beautiful in terms of the pure physicality of material, form, surface and honest, utilitarian construction. 

13" in diameter x 7 7/4" tall. Rust as evident, all to the good I think; structurally very sound and sturdy and not shedding paint or rust.