Fantastic Whimsy Dressing Mirror with Nine Balls in Cages!

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Wow! I have a hard time wrapping my head around how one would carve a few links from one piece of wood, let along an entire frame incorporating six balls in cages, and then a stand with three more, plus beautifully carved details on all sides and in between! This standing, swiveling dressing mirror was clearly made by someone with a great deal of skill, pretty much flawlessness executed and just fantastic. And the mirror swings easily and completely from one side to the other, with the balls in their cages flipping from one side to the other as it goes! Quite a wonderful thing, and in just about as perfect condition now as when it was made, which I believe was a good many years ago. And the perfect mirror in which to take a very whimsical selfie!

12 5/8" tall  x 9 7/8" wide x 5 3/8" deep and in excellent condition.  It could be that the mirror was replaced at some point but I am not certain. There is a tiny bit of warping to the thin wood panel on the backside of the mirror itself, no real matter.