Fantastic Student Made Book Covers, 1970-1972

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This is truly a treasure trove! I purchased this lot of student-made book covers from a relative of the high school English teacher, Mrs. Dalquist, whose students made them in the early 1970s. The assignment was to design a book cover for a book of their choice (I think specifically a biography) including a summary on the inside flap of the book jacket and author bio on the back. Subjects range from Frederick Douglas to Joan Baez to E.R Braithwaite to Karl Marx to Frank Lloyd Wright to Helen Keller to Clara Barton to Jackie Robinson to Elvis, and while not all are great, many of quite poignant and absolutely frame worthy! 
The lot of 130+ of them makes for a pretty fascinating portrait of the times, and I must say it is pretty pure pleasure going through them, including for the grades and comments written on the inside by Mrs. Dalquist. They are made of a mix of construction paper, 
brown paper bags, cardstock, plain paper, etc, with drawings, magazine clippings, etc. on top.
Condition varies a bit in that there are some missing pieces here and there, but overall very good! Most measure in the neighborhood of  8 x 6 or so, but there are some larger and smaller. Really wonderful.