Fantastic Old Stone Fruit Persimmon and Worm Eaten Pear

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The latest two iterations in my ongoing search for perfect pieces of stone fruit, and this pair maybe my favorites I've found, individually and even more so together. Persimmons are fairly rare to find, and the color on this one is stunning. And then this pear, the first I've found painted as if browned from a few worm holes, and then with the veins in the marble showing through the pale green elsewhere giving the appearance of bruising. For me, there is some stone fruit that makes sense to pile in a bowl and some more suited for a pedestal, and these two are definitely of the latter variety! 

Both are the size of actual fruit. Pear: 4 1/8" t x 2 1/2" w. Persimmon: 2 9/16" t x 2 3/4" wide. Both in very good condition, earlyish 20th century I believe.