Fantastic Old Folk Art Picket Fence Wall Shelf with Perfect Patina

Regular price $185.00

Oh my, what a fantastic shelf! The old handmade fence-type construction reminds one of old feather Christmas tree fences, but this wonderful thing is like fence and tree and lights all rolled into one! And then, on top it all, the yellow-gold, burnt orange, and forest green paint has alligatored just perfectly, set off exactly right by the creamy white. So good! 

Easily mounted on the wall, the shelf is quite sturdy and could certainly hold some things, though I'm not sure I would interfere with its pretty pure perfection just as it is...though a row of votive candles and a few pine sprigs could be pretty festive for the holidays!

1920s or 30s I would guess. Really in terrific shape, without a missing bit that I can see. There is one piece on the left side section of the bottom tier fence that is split, no real matter at all. 14" tall x 13.5" wide x 3.75" deep.