Fantastic, Large Old Folk Art Log Cabin with Wonderfully Carved Interlocking Beams and Chinking

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I am in love with this thing, the super visceral presence and both visual and physical weight of which photos don't adequately capture. The fat, beautifully carved pentagonally shaped ends of the beams where they interlock at the corners completely does it for me (just look at them, SO juicy!), all the better for the chinking filling in the gaps between the beams as with a real log cabin. Wonderfully constructed, as solid and sturdy as they come, and certainly iconic feeling, though also like pure sculpture to me. Much better in person, really terrific.

12 1/8" w x 8 d x 9 1/4" t. Weighs 6 lbs. 12 oz. Good, very sturdy and stable condition. There is some old edge loss to the roof on the back side, as pictured, which does not effect its soundness. There is also some missing chinking between the lowest two beams on the front facing side.  Feels as if it has existed forever but I'd guess late 19th c/very early 20th c.