Fantastic Late 19th Century Large Charcoal Drawing of Girl and Dog

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This is definitely one of my all time favorite things I've had in the shop. Yes, my love of it is surely enhanced by my own deep dog love, but regardless, truly a marvelous drawing, and about the most tender expression of love and connection that I can imagine, down to every detail. The way the long fingers of her left hand spread protectively over her dog's shoulder, and then how her other hand is curled under his neck, looking almost like a paw. Her fantastically detailed collar, complete with tulips and vines and all sorts of other flourishes, echoed in the patterned wallpapers behind her, which if one looks closely include a few vines bearing hearts. Her hair! And then the fact that this wonderful dog appears to be blind in one eye, making their bond feel all the stronger and more grounded. Love love love.

The drawing is signed at the center of the bottom edge, P.H. Vogan. A fairly uncommon last name, 'Vogan' shows some old presence in Northwest Pennsylvania and possibly the Southern tier of New York state where this drawing was found. I purchased it from a seller who believes they were the first person to remove the drawing from the frame since around the time it was made, likely 1890s or so.

Framed: 20 3/8" w x 14 5/8" t x 7/8"d. Drawing size approx. 19" x 13". The drawing is in very very good condition (photos are shot through glass so show some glare, not flaws) with one clean tear or maybe just a crease near the end of her hair, minor and really not noticeable unless you are looking for it. The old black painted wood frame shows some dings, particularly along left edge (as shown in detail photos) but I personally wouldn't change a thing. One might though want to replace the cardboard back on the frame. Either way it is ready to hang, with old wire strung on the back.