Stunning Large Mandala Type Drawing in Lemon Gold Frame

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Forgive my not very good photos here, especially the full view, but the frame is quite large and my photo set up is limited! This is, however, really quite a spectacular thing, the existence of which stuns and sends me every time I look at it, and feels rather as if having arrived from another universe fully formed. (It also very much makes me think of the paintings of Hilma af Klint.) I have to guess it was done as a very elaborate, very beautifully executed exercise in using a compass, but it most certainly has the feeling of having been made by a spiritualist, or a "visionary" artist, including for the circumference of what read to me like a series of all seeing eyes, with moons or suns in between. Quite a mystery, at least to me, which it seems that someone certainly valued, as I would think this striking frame was constructed specifically to surround it in gold, further enhancing its luminosity. I might think late 19th century on both drawing and frame but am not completely certain. 

Richer and more beautiful in person. Photos show some glare. Framed: 20 1/4" x 20 1/4". Sight: 15 1/2" in diameter. Painted solid wood frame shows surface cracking on the diagonals extending to the corners and a bit more cracking to the upper left corner as well as a bit of gold paint loss, but is very solid and sturdy and I don't think the flaws detract. Drawing, which looks like colored pencil to me (with a few small bleeds where a a couple of drops of water hit it as some point) appears to be in very very good condition, with color very vivid. There are a few stains visible around the edges, again I don't think at all detracting, as pictured. It appears the back of the frame was once papered over (and the remains of that paper look late 19th c. to me); I would guess that paper was fairly recently removed and it is clear a new cardboard backing was added behind the drawing and a hanging ring added to the back of the frame.

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