Fantastic Large (21" Tall) 1930s Boy Scout Carved Polychrome Totem Pole

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This is one of my favorite finds ever, and the most beautifully executed Boy Scout totem pole I've ever seen--which I'm sorry my photos don't do justice (it's too large to document in my usual photo set up, though details give a better sense.) At the center is most definitely a beaver, with a great zig zag of white teeth and pink blush on the cheeks, and perched at top, carved all the way around, is certainly an eagle; I'd guess the one at bottom is a squirrel or chipmunk and perhaps a human at top? Deeply caved across the two backsides near the base --the whole piece was carved at angle from a long rectangle of wood--is Scout Troop 16 along with the name Laible (I think the last name of the carver) and June 1532, which I think means June 15, 1932, which seems right. Found in Massachusetts, I think the troop 16 may be of Danvers, MA, one of the oldest Boy Scout troops in the country.

21 1/8" tall; each side measures 2 7/8" and the carved area measure 3 7/8" wide on the angle. Excellent condition with no chips, splits or other flaws at all that I can see. Beautifully aged with a really wonderful presence.