Fantastic Folk Art Lion with Moveable Legs, Long Tail and Bared Teeth!

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This lion was clearly made by someone special, and maybe for someone special too, and I sure love them for it. The shapes and positioning of the jointed legs make for a luxuriously long lion stride, and then this marvelous mane, done as an additional later and painted with blue and orange dabs, with little cutout ears layered on top of that, attached by nails. Plus great big carved white teeth against blood red lips, and a long stiff rope tail, knotted at the end. Pretty wonderful. 

6" long x 3 1/2 tall not including tail (5 1/8" tall with tail); 1 5/8" deep and overall in very good condition. The legs all move easily and he can be positioned to sit/stand in a variety of poses. There is a small missing piece of wood on his front right paw and rear right leg. I'd think he dates to the 1930s or 40s.