Fantastic British Hand-Drawn Pen and Ink Animal Multiplication Cards on Halved Raffle Tickets

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Truly among my favorite finds ever! I purchased these from a seller in England, and their raffle ticket backs lead us to Braintree, in Essex, home of the Braintree Congressional Church (established in 1699) and the Mechanics Lecture Hall nearby. What a wonderful, and resourceful, teacher or parent who made these, easily the pain of multiplication drills, and who also had some pretty terrific drawing skills! I find every one to be as great as the next, though might be especially partial to the face on that lion, and the furry squirrel on branch, and to that little whiskered mole or shrew! Fantastic. 

20 sets of cards, 2 cards per set. Each individual card measures 2 1/4" x 3". Really excellent condition, and the cards themselves are cardstock weight, nice and sturdy. The bottom half of the starfish is darker than the rest. Late 19th century I believe.