Fantastic Folk Art Ice Fishing Dragonfly Decoy

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I was thrilled to find a box filled with several old folk art ice fishing decoys yesterday in Maine, all made by the same person I believe, this dragonfly certainly the most whimsical of the bunch. I'm not an expert on these but I am great admirer of them, and it's none too often one comes across a dragonfly. This one was something of a make do creation, with a spool used for the body and what looks like wooden beads for the head and tail, plus tin wings and wire legs and antennae. All painted bright pink with yellow, white and black spots and stripes.

5 1/8" l x 3 3/4" w x 3 1/8" t and in good condition, with wire loops on back and tail. Some rusting and a little paint loss, all to the good I think; structurally very sound and sturdy.