Densely Patterned Hand-Woven Vintage Kilim Rug or Wall Hanging

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The back of this striking rug marvelously tells the story of its making--an intense storm of yarns of every color knotted and hanging loose after having been woven to form the dense patterns on the opposite side. And on the front, it feels almost like a sampler, showing off the dexterity of its maker, with tightly packed rows of animals, facing in alternating directions from one row to the next, and a series of all sorts of geometric forms or symbols.

This piece is very finely woven in wool on a cotton weft. I have seen a similar piece described as a Turkish "symbols" rug; I am not 100% sure. For certain it has age to it, and would be fantastic hung on the wall as well as used as a rug. There is fringe on one end, which, actually (based on the animals) appears to be the top of the piece: I believe it was once woven all the way to the end, but that that section of the weaving has come apart. Otherwise, the piece is in very good condition, nice and tight, with no holes or stains that I can see. It measures approximately 52 1/2" x 35 1/2" without fringe.