Fantastic Brazilian Folk Art Bathing Beauty

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I splurged on this bathing beauty as I just could not resist her, and won't mind a bit to hold on to her for a while, or forever! There's a layer of gold flecked varnish over her body, as if she's coated with sun tan oil and deeply bronzed, but not on her fabulously carved face, framed with this amazing sculptural mane that appears covered in gold leaf. The bottom of her golden bikini is carved, but the bandeau just painted on, as if she was conceived as topless but then a little modesty was applied. Hand-written atop the deeply carved base is "Rio de Janeiro," so surely she is Brazilian, I assume mid-20th century or so.

11" t x 2 3/4" w x 3" d. I am not certain of the wood but believe it is a tropical wood and the sculpture is quite heavy for its size. The manner in which this piece was carved is such that she stands at an angle when viewed from the front--as pictured. Great vintage condition, with a little wear to the finish here and there, all to the good I think. There is a fine hairline surface crack to the right of her mouth.