Fantastic Antique Wood and Cloth Punch and Judy Horse Marionette

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This fantastic horse was one of a phenomenal set of old handmade Punch and Judy puppets, one other of which (the head of the Judy puppet) is also in the shop. Dating I'd think to the late 19th century or so, this horse is constructed of heavy carved wood, which was then covered with a denim-weight brown fabric, to simulate fur. I am fairly certain it was once a marionette-style puppet, as there are small holes in the fabric where stings or wires would have been attached.

This horse certainly shows its history of use, with tears in the fabric and a leg lost along the way, but to me this makes it rather all the more beautiful. Leaned lightly against something, it still stands proud, and the legs move easily forward and back. A tremendously evocative and highly empathetic object, I think!

9 1/4" long x 10" tall x 4" wide. While I wouldn't throw it around, it is structurally sound and stable.