Fantastic 19th Century Pennsylvania Fraktur Watercolor of Woman in Profile

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I've become quite obsessed with antique American fraktur style watercolors just like this one, which I understand from the seller came from a notable private Americana collection.The color on this one, done on ruled paper, is just amazing, and as saturated as if it were painted yesterday. And I really love how the pencil drawn lines of her hair are perfectly echoed/complemented by the rainbow-like painting of her collar, sleeve and scarf (?). Plus this great green flourish at the front of her purple hat! What a character!

The drawing measures about 7 3/4" x 5"; framed sized 9 3/4" x 7 1/8". There a pencil-drawn number 6 at bottom and a 14 scribbled out just visible under the top edge of the frame, and an embossed mark at lower right. The drawing is in excellent condition. Some wear to the antique frame but in good structural shape. The backing, replaced at some point, could use a few more nails on linen tape to hold it tightly.