Fantastic 19th Century Handmade Bone and Ebony Dominoes with Scalloped Edge Detail

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These may be the most beautiful antique bone dominoes I've seen, let alone had in hand, and if there were ever a reason to make a daily round of dominoes part of one's ritual, I'd say these would be it! I'm not an expert on this history of dominoes, but have it on fairly good authority that these likely date to the 1880s or so, and I've not seen another set with this pretty scalloped detailing down their centers and around their edges. They've definitely seen many a game, which has softened their edges and worn down some of the scalloping, and they've lost some of their black dots--all of which makes me love them more. Nice and fat and heavy, with brass pins at their centers, they are super satisfying as objects, and come in a very old wooden slide top box, which is a little larger than they need but suits them very well.

Dominoes measure about 1 3/4" l x 13/16" w x 3/8" thick each. Box measures 7 3/8" long x 3 9/16" wide  x 2 1/8" tall and is in good structural shape. There are a few minor chips rough spots along the edges of a few dominoes and one small chip to one back, all as pictured.