Fantastic 1938 Milton Bradley Salesman Sample Folio with Catalog

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As a lover of old Milton Bradley everything (they were the largest producer of early Froebel Kindergarten blocks and materials in the U.S. among other great things) I was really excited to find this the other day in Maine. It's a folio that appears to have been distributed to high school teachers in 1938, with a catalog of Milton Bradley products and samples of a wide range of different papers, poster boards, brilliant colors To me looking at all of these together is pure inspiration, and I love flipping through the catalog to find sets of geometric solids and all sorts of late 1930s art supplies. Quite a rare trove of delights! 

Folder: 12 1/4 x 10 1/16. Looks like something nibbled away at the far edges of the folio but the contents are in excellent condition, bright and crisp and beautiful. There are a few  samples missing but almost all of them are here. I've documented pretty thoroughly as there are surely not many of these out there, still in their labeled  pockets.  All pictured included.