Fancy Penobscot Sweetgrass and Ash Splint Basket with Curlicue Braiding

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I am completely enchanted by this basket! Woven of sweetgrass and dyed ash splint, I am pretty certain it is Penobscot (Maine Native), likely c. 1920's-40's, and is definitely one of the finest I have seen. The lid features a striking interplay of thin splint strips and braided sweetgrass woven over thicker orange splints, but it is the sides that really make this basket, with these fantastic thick curling grass braids secured with splint loops against a checkerboard splint background.  It is just as beautiful inside, and in excellent condition to boot. Really a wonderful piece that exemplifies the all of the best attributes of Northeast Coast native basket making.

This basket measures 5 5/8" in diameter and 3 1/4" tall. The splint wrapping the loop handle at the center of the lid is a bit loose at the end and the exterior color hasfaded a but with age, but  this basket is in really excellent condition and quite a special piece.