Fancy Antique Treen Darning Egg

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Though I haven't darned a thing in my life, I just can't resist these fancy inlaid treen darning eggs when I come across them--so pretty, great to hold, and a perfect thing to build a collection of in all their variety. And while I've seen a fair number patterned with two different woods, I haven't seen many with three, which this appears to be, in what I think's a pretty great design.

I'm not totally sure the age or origin of this one, but might guess early 20th century. It has seen some use, with light scratches and scuffs all over and one straight vertical hairline crack in one piece of inlay (as pictured), but remains in good overall condition, really pretty, and comes, as I found it, with a wooden ring for standing it up to display. Approx 2 3/4" l x 1 7/8" in diameter.