Fair Continued Cool To-night, April 15, 1905 Official Danbury, NH Weather Forecast

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I look at this as an excellent  found object--which I first read as announcing the continuation of "the Fair", with cool weather ahead, and so love it for the double reading held. But also just for its existence as a printed note delivering the official Weather Forecast, to Danbury NH on April 15, 1905--perhaps in advance of some important event to held? I can't find another like this out there so am not sure it was the norm--looking not quite like a telegram, but then I don't know a whole lot about the variety of telegrams that were issued. I'd frame it up myself--a perpetually fair forecast.

5 7/8" x 3 3/8" and in good condition. Light weight manila paper, with toning along left edge and some calculations in pencil on reverse.