Fabulous, Strange Crocheted Lace Medallion with Figure

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This is a fairly small piece -- just shy of 6 inches in. diameter--but what a lot of is packed into those inches, and what a marvelously strange thing! I really love things that are both intensely of their medium and also entirely transcend it, which I feel is the case with this piece, applying a great command of the craft to articulating a very singular vision. The figure to me has a bit of the feel of Adam in the Garden of Eden, falling from grace, or perhaps just an archetypal human, tethered to the forces of the universe, or perhaps just pulled in many directions! I'd mount it to a piece of cloth, frame it up, and never tire of looking at it, as to me its the sort of thing that would resonant in many different ways depending on one's own disposition and circumstances.

5 7/8" tall and wide and in excellent condition. Both front and back appear virtually the same, i.e. there is really no "wrong" side.