Fabulous Red and White Painted Folk Art Sewing Bird (Duck) with Drawer

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I've seen a fair number of vintage "sewing birds" around--handy things, housing scissors, thread, and other sewing supplies--but I have never seen another as good as this one! It's definitely the paint job that really makes it--the perfect creamy white and blood red combo, with a great face on the duck and fabulous brush mark dabs all over. But the design is very good too, with a super long pull out drawer, spool holder posts along both sides, a hole for a thimble on top of the tail, and then hole for the scissors straits through the head!

7 3/4" t x 6" w x 5 7/8" d. Very good condition and structurally sound. There are scattered stains, minor dings, a little paint loss here and there, and a little bleeding to the red paint on one wing--all adding up to a great patina! I have not touched it but one could remove some of the stains by cleaning if desired.