Fabulous Old Handmade "Club Checkers" Box, with Checkers

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Definitely among my favorite boxes I've found is this wonderfully primitive handmade checkers box with this fantastic hand-drawn paper label spelling "club checkers" in round letters and with two little clubs to boot. The box appears to have been made with wood salvaged from cigar boxes or wooden crates, with a lid that slides through a notch in the side of the box and then through two tiny pins, one above it and one below. Silvery gray paint completed the effort. And then a complete set of checkers, 12 each of red and black with a few extras to spare, which seem either to be hard plastic or bakelite. Just great.

Box measures 8" l x 1 3/4" w x 2 1/8" t and is in great structural shape. Based on the checkers inside, and from what I can tell the use of the word "club" to describe checkers, I'd guess 1930s or 40s.